Restoration Roadshow

Travel Workshop Taking a break! Filming Filming 2 Filming 3 One piece for restoration Filming 4 Inside Workshop Arch way

Restoration Roadshow is a BBC series and made by Transparent Television. The show is hosted by Eric Knowles and produced by Livia Russell.

Tim was delighted to be chosen as one of the restorers and antique experts.

Tim has developed a comprehensive travelling workshop, including a full size workbench, tools, selection of period timbers, veneers and a extensive polishing kit.

Tim has no idea what challenges confront him at each filming location and has to be fully prepared for every eventuality. The programme requires Tim to restore furniture at each location before clients decide whether they would like to keep their restored items or turn them over to local auctions for sale.

Tim thoroughly enjoys the programme and is looking forward to future series to come. Tim would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team from Transparent Television who were very supportive and great company. Tim also enjoyed the company of the other restorers on the show and they have since become great friends.